PHOENIX FAN FUSION – May 21-24, 2020

October Newsletter

Hello Exhibitors!

Welcome to the October Exhibitor Newsletter for Phoenix Fan Fusion 2020! We are very excited about all of the exciting changes that are in store for the 2020 event.

Extra exhibitor badges will be available on site only for $65 each, plus taxes and fees. If you only need extra badges for during show hours, we highly recommend you take advantage of the Flash Sale to get Full Event passes for only $50 plus taxes and fees. Full event passes will be $55 each from October 3rd at 10 a.m. through midnight on November 30th.

What’s new for Exhibitors in 2020?

Exhibitor-only Website
  • To help us with communication
  • To provide exclusive exhibitor information – registration required
  • To provide better information, maps, and service to you
The exhibitor website is a work in progress and you will see more information and improvements over the next few months.
Exhibitor Promotions
  • To promote your booth to fans, customers, and attendees
  • To help your Fan Fusion experience be more enjoyable and more profitable
  • To improve attendee interaction
We are still working on the details for these opportunities, but look for more information coming to your inbox soon.

Exhibit Hall Updates and Changes

Lower Level Exhibit Hall

  • The cosplay groups are moving back into this Exhibit Hall, drawing Attendees to each corner of the hall
  • Nearly all of the exhibitors are moving out of the third floor, making the lower hall the primary exhibit hall
  • The number of exhibitors reduced overall by 35% for 2020
  • The number of booths reduced overall by more than 20% for 2020
Artist Alley

  • The number of Artists reduced overall by more than 30%
  • Active curation of Artist Alley to ensure we have the best artists and creators possible
  • Artist Alley redesigned to better serve Artists and Creators and make it easier for attendees to find what they are looking for
Exhibitor Placement

  • Placement for exhibitors is in process and will be available soon
  • If you have filled out the EXHIBITOR PLACEMENT REQUEST FORM , watch your inbox for communication from to see whether we can accommodate your request

Communication with Exhibit Hall Team

How Should I Contact You?

If you have questions or need assistance with anything dealing with the exhibit halls please email

Directors of Operations Lee Palmer and Jen Palmer are your primary points of contact for 2020 Exhibit Hall inquiries and answer all emails sent to

Jen and Lee have been with Square Egg Entertainment and Phoenix Fan Fusion since 2008 in different capacities and have been directly involved with the Exhibit Hall since 2015. They make every attempt to respond to emails quickly and get the information out to exhibitors as early as possible to help with planning.

How Will You Contact Me?

Please take the time to read our monthly exhibitor newsletters, as they have important information to make your experience at our show the best it can be. All the 2020 newsletters will be available on the WEBSITE. Please white list and, so your spam filter doesn’t capture these important communications.

All exhibitor information will always be on our WEBSITE as soon as we have it in hand, you will be able to find info on everything under the exhibitor tab.

If the website does not have the answer you’re looking for, please email the team at

We are so glad you will be joining us for another fantastic show. We can’t wait to see you at Fan Fusion 2020!


The Exhibitor Team

We send monthly newsletters with important information to make your experience the best it can be. Please be sure to white-list and so your spam filter doesn’t capture these important communications.