Exhibitor and Artist Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

I was a previous/current Exhibitor and was contacted by an organization claiming to be working with Phoenix Fan Fusion and Square Egg Entertainment for hotels and exhibitor space. Is this a legit request?
All third-party organizations should be treated as scams. Do not book hotel rooms or vendor/exhibitor space for Phoenix Fan Fusion or any Square Egg Entertainment, Inc. event through any of these organizations. The only way to get hotel rooms at our discounted rates is by booking directly through the Hotels & Travel page on our website. Booking your room through a third-party organization may result in credit card or identity theft and you will not have a hotel room reserved for the show. Exhibitor spaces are only sold through our website. If you have any questions about the validity of a request, contact exhibitor@square-egg.com.

Interested Exhibitors

What type and size of spaces are available for this show?
For Phoenix Fan Fusion, we offer three types of spaces. Exhibitor Booths that are 10ft x 10ft, come with one 8ft table, two chairs, three exhibitor credentials and an exhibitor sign. Dealer tables are 8ft x 10ft, come with one 8ft table, two chairs, three exhibitor credentials and an exhibitor sign. Artist Alley Tables are 6ft x 8ft, come with one 6ft table, two chairs, three exhibitor credentials and an exhibitor sign.

To qualify for an Artist Alley Table, you must not be selling any third-party merchandise. Artist Alley Tables allow for the sale of items created or produced by the artist. Artist Alley Tables do not allow for the sale of mass produced work that the artist is not involved in. For example, one cannot bring in an old Spider-man Comic Book collection to sell unless that artist worked on that Spider-Man collection in some capacity. If you do not meet this requirement, you will have to wait for an Dealer Table or Exhibitor Booth to become available.

How do I become an Exhibitor at Phoenix Fan Fusion?
We no longer offer open sales for Exhibitor space for Phoenix Fan Fusion. Exhibitor applications are currently open for the 2020 show however there is no guarantee of space by applying. All applications are reviewed and approved as space becomes available.

I’ve submitted my application, when will I hear something?
Phoenix Fan Fusion will review every application and be in touch as space becomes available. Make sure square-egg.com is whitelisted in your email so you do not miss any communications.

What licenses do I need in order to participate as a vendor/exhibitor at the convention?
If you plan to sell anything in your space, you will need a State of Arizona Tax License.